Year : 2015 – 2017 | Format : Theatrical Play | Genre : Comedy
Starring : Silvie Vartan, Isabelle Mergault, Pierre Deny

Victoria Carlota, now a retired movie star, decides to write her memoirs. She becomes very upset when she realizes that her publisher did not send a man named Marcel, but instead sent a woman named Marcelle, who has never written a biography, only a bestselling cookbook … on rice. A trip to Italy, where she filmed many of her movies, is planned to refresh her memory. What develops becomes hysterically funny, as Victoria, prompted by Marcelle, develops a new interest in life.

    • Starring: Sylvie Vartan, Isabelle Mergault, Pierre Deny
    • Producer: Jean Manuel Bajen, Patric Goavec
    • Writers: Isabelle Mergault
    • Director: Christophe Duthuron

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